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Fan blog for the BBC and BBC America series Ripper Street, starring Matthew MacFadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Myanna Buring and David Dawson.

The series is set in and around Whitechapel in London’s East End during the aftermath of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.

Currently Airing on BBC 1, Monday Nights.

Airing on BBC America in 2014.

Reid can say sweet nothings to me anyday. Lucky Cobden.

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Season Finale of Ripper Street is on TONIGHT on BBC America!

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BBC Cancels Ripper Street

Sad news coming our way this morning. BBC has cancelled Ripper Street. Jerome Flynn confirmed the news last night. BBC is saying they cancelled the show due to low ratings. (WHAT?!?) As of right now there will be no closure on how Ripper Street ends, after the season finale in a few weeks. 

On Twitter, many are tweeting BBC One with the petition to #SaveRipperStreet Join me and others if you can! My twitter is mrsdarcy1217.

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Ripper Street will premiere December 1st on BBC America!!! I am so excited. Hope to see more of Edmund and Emily this season. 

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Sorry guys if I’ve been absent for a bit! Things have been a bit crazy. I’m currently in the middle of getting tested for Celiac Disease and graduation is next week. But I’ll try my hardest to get more/new Ripper Street stuff up!

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So who else is happy that Edmund has a new suit?

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So who else is happy that Edmund has a new suit?

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Matthew, Jerome and Adam along with the rest of the cast are currently filming the second season in Dublin! Filming goes until August 31st! How exciting!

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I want to see how Emily and Edmunds relationship continues and if she finds out about his affair. Also, more of Emily’s..
I ship Emily and Edmund all the way so I only hope that the relationship blossoms again in the second series. And maybe the daughter is returned to them?!? A girl can hope…
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I want to see more clues into if Reid’s daughter is alive or not and if she is alive where she might be.
I am itching to know what became of the young girl! I really want her to be alive for Reid’s sake. 
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