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Fan blog for the BBC and BBC America series Ripper Street, starring Matthew MacFadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Myanna Buring and David Dawson.

The series is set in and around Whitechapel in London’s East End during the aftermath of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.

Currently Airing on BBC 1, Monday Nights.

Airing on BBC America in 2014.


There are not that much information about how yesterday BAFTA preview and Q&A of Ripper Street went, for now.

You can read tweets about the preview of the pilot above. CBGTelevision posted a picture of the cast and as a few members of Darcylicious attended the panel, you can see another picture here.

New haircut for Matthew Macfadyen, probably for his next project Epic. Speaking of it, and thanks to members of Darcylicious, we learnt that he is playing the film director and that he will start filming it in Georgia next month.


Great news for Ripper Street! On monday 24 September there is a preview of the series (probably the pilot) followed by a Questions & Answers session with Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, writer and creator Richard Warlow and director Tom Shankland.

April 1889 – six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing, East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer’s reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel. Its men hunted this maniac; and failed to find him.

Ripper Street is their story. H Division was responsible for policing a relatively small area of just 1¼ square miles, yet into that space were packed some 67,000 people; a seething, bustling mass of the poor and dispossessed.

Between the factories, rookeries, chop shops and pubs that mark out this maelstrom moves Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) – a forward thinking detective haunted by a tragic past mistake. Accompanied by the ever loyal local brawn of Detective Sergeant Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn), Reid seeks to bring justice to a world that is forever on the brink of mayhem.

Ripper Street is not another backward-looking ‘Hunt the Ripper’ story, but a fictionalised trek into the heart of a London borough living in the blood soaked aftermath of that forever anonymous killer.

Ripper Street is an eight part drama series, produced for the BBC by Tiger Aspect Productions, Lookout Point and BBC AMERICA and with the participation of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/Irish Film Board.

That preview and Q&A is to take place atPrincess Anne Theatre (Piccadilly, London), will start at 18:45 and the prices for the public is of £7.50.

So if you’re in London during that time and want to see Matthew (more reviews/pics are always welcome!) then be sure to attend that preview!


Principal photography has officially wrapped on BBC series ‘Ripper Street’ after an 18-week shoot in Dublin.

Irish set designer Mark Geraghty and his team designed streets, a prison, a bar, and even a laboratory for the period drama. Speaking to IFTN before production ended, Pride and Prejudice actor Matthew Macfadyen praised Geraghty for his work, calling him “really talented”.

Both Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) also appreciated 

Commenting on working with the Irish crew, Flynn, who previously revealed he was keen to explore his Co Cork roots, only had praise for the “family feel” the Irish crew provided on set: “The crew, and the Irish element for me, has been an important part of [filming here]… It’s noble, the Irish influence, in terms of the crew and the family feel. It really makes a difference especially if it’s a long job like this.”

Macfadyen echoed Flynn’s statements, commenting: “I shouldn’t sound sentimental, but there does feel like a lovely atmosphere with the crew, and maybe it’s that a lot of things are filming here and there’s been a resurgence in big companies, it just feels like a lovely place to work. It’s been lovely being in Dublin, it feels very contained, it’s not like shooting in London where you’re spending your whole day in the car and it’s very disparate. We’re never more than 20 minutes away from any location, and the crew has been fantastic.”

Production ended last weekend, with the trio filming all over Dublin, including Clancy Barracks, the Phoenix Park and Trinity College.

BBC One will air the series in autumn.